Flying High

Posted by in Video production | November 15, 2012

While Debbie was in Colorado recently, she had a chance to watch Aerial Imaging Productions filming at the Rocking R Ranch north of Boulder. Debbie is working with AIP on a video about the ranch, which is offered for sale by Hall and Hall. Earlier this year, she scripted an AIP video for The River Ranch at Round Mountain

AIP specializes in low-altitude aerial videography and interactive spherical panoramic photography, which is a fancy way of saying that they make amazing videos that rival the best flying dreams you’ve ever had. Jeff Buerger and his partners use an HD-SLF video camera mounted to a flying machine that looks like the kind of monstrous metal spider you might find in a Terminator movie. The pilot on the ground uses a remote to control the machine while watching what the camera sees through goggles. Talk about fun!