Bearing Witness at GWU

Posted by in Uncategorized | October 10, 2017

If you’re in DC, make time to stop into Gallery 102 on the campus of George Washington University to see the heart-rending exhibition, Bearing Witness: Visualizing Modern Slavery, up through October 20. Curated and produced by ArtWorks for Freedom/ ACTION!, the exhibit features photographs, sculpture, collages, video, and paintings by six artists and survivors of modern slavery that “provide a moving snapshot of the global scale of human trafficking.”  Seven of Larry’s photos of child labor taken in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, and Indonesia are included in the exhibit, along with works by Hetty Baiz, Xyza Bacani, Molly Gochman, Mary Ann Schindler, and FAIR Girls and survivors. For more information, CLICK HERE.