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NIHCM Award for Undark’s series on PM 2.5

Posted by in Journalism, PM2.5 Pollution | April 15, 2019

Noting that “the judges were blown away by the spectacular use of digital media and its success at making data accessible to the public,” The National Institutes of Health Care Management has named “The Weight of Numbers: Air Pollution and PM 2.5” winner of its prestigious Digital Media Award.

Polk Award for Undark’s Series on PM 2.5

Posted by in Journalism, PM2.5 Pollution | February 19, 2019

Breathtaking Pollution in Nigeria

Posted by in Journalism, PM2.5 Pollution | October 22, 2018

The third installment of Undark’s ambitious examination of PM2.5 pollution around the globe is live today. A special shout-out to Larry for the photographs and video and to intrepid reporter Anna Cunningham, who together produced this excellent body of work despite dangerous conditions (they traveled by necessity with armed guards), extreme working conditions,  and for […]

Emmy Award for Larry and PBS NewsHour

Posted by in Journalism, Video production | October 2, 2015

We’re so honored to receive an Emmy award for a January 2014 story Larry produced with PBS NewsHour and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting about compressor mining in the Philippines. The Philippine legislature cited the PBS NewsHour broadcast when it voted to outlaw the dangerous and deadly practice of underwater mining. View the original […]

Larry Price to speak at the Pulitzer Center On Crisis Reporting

Posted by in Journalism | April 8, 2014

  Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Larry C. Price will present his work on child gold miners on Tuesday, April 8 at a special talks @ pulitzer. Larry will show work from the Philippines, Burkina Faso and Indonesia where children, some as young as four, smash boulders, haul 60-pound bags of ore, handle mercury and other toxic materials, […]

Current Affairs

Posted by in Journalism | November 9, 2012

  Recently, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis reporting invited Larry to participate in its gateway panel, Global Goods, Local Costs. See: While he was in Washington, Larry also presented a selection of photographs from his longterm project on child labor at the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University and met with […]